Helping Businesses Recover From Commercial Fire Damage In Illinois

By Frank Zubricki

Few disasters come close to the destructiveness of fire. Businesses in Illinois can suffer a complete loss of inventory, as well as severe damage to the interior and exterior of the building. Because branding plays such an important role in customers’ recognition, business owners often discover that the restoration of the exterior helps bounce back after a fire just as much as the restoration of the interior.

Restoration companies that handle fire-damaged businesses understand the diverse aspects caused by fire. We realize that not only do our clients want their store or factory to once again function the same way as before, but also to look and feel like it once did.

Fires impart a nasty, oily but gritty, dark residue in smoke, leaving behind an acrid smell that affects not only how things smell, but how food tastes. Affecting restaurants the most, removing the smoke and soot particles ensures that odors do not remain a problem. This begins with cleaning and rinsing of all surfaces, particularly horizontal ones, to remove the residue of soot, smoke, and ash.

We use ozone and hydroxyl machines to remove the more stubborn particles clinging to the more porous furnishings, including carpets and upholstered seating. Tablecloths can also harbor smoke residue that refuses to wash out with routine laundering practices. Exposing these items to either ozone or hydroxyl forms molecular bonds between the gas and the soot particles, keeping customers from noticing unappealing odors.

Cutting away partially damaged walls and other durable materials save on replacement costs, so we perform this in a precise and orderly way. The neater we perform this stage of the work, the more easily later work can happen. Tearing out and replacing carpets costs significantly less when we replace only damaged areas and join them to undamaged sections. The same goes for other materials throughout a fire-damaged business.

Contacting restoration professionals who understand the unique needs of other businesses in our state can expedite the entire process of fire damage restoration, from start to finish, and have your business operating normally once again quickly.


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Removing Graffiti From Illinois Buildings

Take Fast Action when Water Damage Occurs

By Frank Zubricki

Our company usually does private, commercial and home restoration, but we also have contracts to remove graffiti and restore vandalized property owned by the city or county. After the last round of protest marches, we had a lot to do with many of the events.

Recently, vandals began targeting city offices located along their route. Unlike some graffiti in area neighborhoods, there was no attempt at artwork. Actions were explicitly taken to cover windows and damage brick facing. After struggling to deal with it last year, city officials sent employees behind the protestors to call in the incidents as soon as they happened. This change in actions enabled my clean-up crews to start on the first building before the march was over.

Since the protestors were in a hurry to mark and move on, most of the damage was from spray paint. That made it easier for my specialists to clean as an aerosol paint is more straightforward to remove than one with a latex base. For the first few buildings, we arrived quickly enough to use spray guns and water to remove most of the paint from windows, doors, and brickwork.

The buildings we got to later and items made of wood required a cleaner to get the paint off. Our office maintains an inventory of detergents and other chemical agents designed to remove spray paint from glass, brick, metal, and plastics without causing further harm or removing the paint underneath. This last aspect is crucial for removing spray paint from street and traffic signs.

Some of the brickwork and wood doors needed more than a spray gun. By the time we got to the final few vandalized buildings, the paint had dried completely. For these last facilities, we brought out scrub brushes to agitate the detergents, forcing them into the paint, removing the last of it.

The same tools we use to clean up city facilities are also efficient at removing graffiti from your home or business. If you have been tagged recently and need assistance in removing it, call a licensed, professional restoration service.


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Choosing A Smoke Damage Restoration Company In Illinois

By Frank Zubricki

Holidays are usually packed with fun activities and precious decorations. During Christmas, for instance, people decorate their houses with various items and adorn Christmas trees with lights and all sorts of gifts. Accidents are common in these situations.

If a Christmas tree catches on fire, it can cause extensive smoke damage. Having a fire damage restoration company at your fingertips can come in handy during this time. While many people have access to simple tools or DIY solutions, restoring smoke-damaged drapes, carpets, and upholstery is a difficult task. If you make an error, you may have to replace the item altogether.

Professionals who follow IICRC guidelines can do the job well, and produce desirable results. When it comes to carpet, drapes, and upholstery, the most important thing to remove is soot. As it is an oil-based substance, soot needs to be removed as soon as possible to prevent it from attracting additional dirt. Professional restorers can use the necessary methods to remove it from your fabrics and carpeting.

Smoke damage restoration companies also use specialty equipment to clean up the smoke. These tools include rotary scrubbers, wet cleaning tools, and extractors. The benefit of using extractors is that they have little to no detergent foam, allowing for unimpeded suction within the furniture and carpet. Attempting to undertake this task yourself can lead to several mistakes. These include failing to protect your carpet from the furniture, wetting the upholstery or carpet too much, and using excessive shampoo.

Hiring certified technicians can also pay off when resolving disputes with insurance adjusters. Most policies cover smoke damage, either under the partial losses section or as a specific line item. The quandary is that adjusters tend to recommend replacement over repair when dealing with drapes, carpets, and furnishings. A certified professional can provide proof that, through proper techniques and solutions, some of the items can be restored.

When looking for a fire damage restoration firm, you should ensure that not only is their training up to date, but they have formal documentation as well. The health and safety certificates of the technicians should also be in order, and they should possess vast experience in various restoration skills.

Smoke damage, whether minor or major, can cause significant loss of property. If it happens to you, contact a local trustworthy restoration company to clean up the structure and its contents. If you do not have one in mind, your neighbors can probably recommend a good restorer in Illinois.


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Consider Using Biohazard Cleaning Services To Protect Your Home

Consider Using Biohazard Cleaning Services To Protect Your Home

By Frank Zubricki

When most people think about biohazards, they think of massive chemical spills, nuclear waste, or a virus release that wreaks havoc on the environment. However, many smaller threats can be just as deadly, leaving you with some tough and alarming decisions to make that could affect the health of everyone around you.

Having biohazards in your home makes obtaining biohazard cleaning services an absolute must. Potential biohazards consist of microorganisms, plants, animals, or their byproducts that pose risks to the health of other living organisms. Some of these situations fall way outside of normal, everyday experiences. Situations often include everything from trauma scenes, waste cleanup, biohazard remediation, and crime scene cleaning.

Any incidents involving human blood or blood products, including coming into contact with contaminated items pose severe risks. Animal waste, animal remains, or animals themselves often carry many diseases that affect human lives. Although human body fluids also fall into this category, because we can affect each other as well. Our spinal fluid, pleural fluid, pericardial fluid, amniotic fluid, saliva and peritoneal fluids all have the ability to carry infectious diseases.

If you find yourself facing potential biohazards, you should always consider the situation too big or dangerous to tackle on your own. Contact a biohazard cleaning and restoration company with expertly trained technicians ready to answer your call. Bioremediation companies should hold IICRC certification and have years of experience containing and sanitizing biohazards within your local community. Leaving your biohazardous situation in anyone else’s hands involves far too many risks.

The right company can deliver a variety of services specializing in biohazard removal, using advanced methods to control existing contaminations and make sure to eliminate even the smallest hazards. The EPA, CDC, IPS, and OSHA design various standards of service to protect your environment, any company you choose should put safety before everything else, protecting everyone involved.

Take the time to vet the company you consider using to treat your property. The choices you make, the time you take, and the severity of the situation on your property have a massive impact on the quality of services any company can provide. Never hesitate to ask for help immediately and find someone you trust to deliver the quality services you deserve to help return things to normal in your home.


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Professionally Clean Your Carpeting To Keep It Looking Great

Professionally Clean Your Carpeting To Keep It Looking Great

By Frank Zubricki

Many people think that the only reason you need to clean your carpet is to keep it looking nice. Certainly, that is one reason to schedule a regular cleaning. It is important to remember, however, that carpet cleaning is also an investment for you and your family’s health.

Carpeting in your home can collect bacteria, dirt, allergens and dust mites quickly. Even though you cannot always see it on the surface, these contaminants can pollute the air quality which you breathe in each day. Carpets which many times look clean could be a lot dirtier than you realize, so you need professional carpet cleaning done on a regular basis.

Look at your carpet as a kind of air filter for your home. When things such as dirt, dust, dust mites, and bacteria collect in your carpet, you will in time begin to breathe in this buildup. Regular vacuuming, spot removal, shifting furniture to change traffic patterns and fluffing the carpet to stop matting is helpful to keep your carpet in great shape. Only using these methods, however, to get rid of spills and dirt are not enough to make sure the air you are breathing is as clean as it can be.

Carpet CleaningThe carpet cleaning technician you hire should be IICRC-trained. They have completed technical training courses and seminars available for carpet cleaning and restoration. They also stay up to date with the latest and most effective techniques for carpet cleaning, earning certifications as they train.

They start out by doing a complete analysis of your carpet when they arrive at your home. They note any areas which are heavily soiled or any high-traffic areas. They then use a very efficient hot-water extraction method to get rid of ground-in debris and dirt which might not even be visible to the naked eye. This method is ideal for all carpet types.

For areas that are heavily soiled, a deluxe precondition and rinse are used to restore the area back to life. There are also other techniques which can be utilized when needed, such as bonnet cleaning, a method which is not as aggressive for carpeting. Alternatively, dry cleaning for carpeting where color-fastness is a concern.

No matter the type of carpet you own, there is a method that carpet cleaners can use to keep it looking its best. Don’t hesitate, schedule a cleaning today.

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Common Causes of Water Damage

Common Causes of Water Damage

By Frank Zubricki

Water damage is also an unwelcome house guest. One that you never want to overstay its welcome. However, water damage due to storms, flooding, burst pipes, and mother nature are often unavoidable. When this emergency does occur, you can count on the professionals to respond and take immediate action. Using the latest in cleanup and restoration techniques, highly trained specialists and technicians, armed with advanced equipment, can eliminate the water in your home and fix the damage with efficiency and reliability.

Common Causes of Water Damage
Water damage can come in a range of causes, from mother nature herself to roof and pipe leakage. With qualifications in water damage response, cleanup, and restoration, technicians will respond to your emergency with our trained technicians, who will remove all water and commence with drying and sanitization. Some sources of water damage can come from:burst pipe

• A leaking roof

• A leaking dishwasher drain hose

• Burst pipes

• Flooded basement

• Leaking water heater

You can trust that the specialists and techs will see your emergency through from the assessment stage to the removal of water and drying processes. They run the gamut in professional water removal services, with the latest in technology that detects moisture and water in a structure. These tools aid the specialists with removing water and mitigating any future problems such as damage to the structure and mold growth.

The following services should be provided in response to water emergencies:

Water Removal and Sanitization

• 24/7 Emergency Services

• Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

Water Damage Restoration Technicians

• Applied Structural Drying Technicians

• Cleaning Services (e.g. debris, damage)

• Advanced Techniques and Equipment

Contact A Professional!

Water damage can leave your home unfit to live in if immediate action is not taken. Call a professional restoration company to respond to your water emergency as soon as possible.



Storm Damage from Lightning

By Frank Zubricki

One of nature’s most dangerous events, a bolt of lightning can travel around 140,000 miles per hour and reach to temperatures as high as 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a temperature high enough to change sand into glass. An electric discharge between the atmosphere and an object on the earth, a lightning strike mainly originates inside a thundercloud and ends on the ground. There are four kinds of lightning damage which are physical damage, electromagnetic effect damage, secondary effect damage, and damage caused by changes in ground reference potential.

One strike of lightning can start a fire in a commercial property or home. Most lightning damage, however, happens from an electrical surge that can short out appliances, computers, phone systems or the electrical system of a building. Lightning does not need to hit a property directly to cause damage. A neighbor’s tree, for example, can get hit by lightning and fall on a home nearby, leaving it in an unlivable state. Getting a claim settled in this type of instance is particularly challenging.lightning

Once lightning has struck, a business or homeowner needs to make sure it is safe to enter, meaning there are no downed electrical lines or live wires. The extent of the damage to the property then needs to be figured out. Things such as can the property be repaired and has the lightning strike destroyed electronics and appliances are common questions. If the damage related to a lightning strike is extensive, a business might have to halt operation, or a home may be left uninhabitable. A professional company will need to address the structure and the interior electrical system, and help you to settle their claim in a manner that is timely.

There are some insurance companies which want to know which damage was caused by a lightning strike which caused a fire, and the damage which was from an overload of the electrical system. Sometimes the insurer needs to know exactly where the electrical surge happened since they will not pay a damage claim if the surge happened off the property. These companies also do not differentiate between a power surge and lightning strike, and could want the technician or electrician who tends to the property to let them know that the power surge came from a lightning strike specifically since surges could also be the result of faulty power lines or transformers. The business or homeowner and the technicians, therefore, have to be in agreement that the losses were from a strike of lightning. This should be put down in writing.

Storm damage due to lighting can be devastating. The best choice to repair your property is a professional restoration company. They have the training and certification to restore your property back to normal.