Common Causes of Water Damage

By Frank Zubricki

Water damage is also an unwelcome house guest. One that you never want to overstay its welcome. However, water damage due to storms, flooding, burst pipes, and mother nature are often unavoidable. When this emergency does occur, you can count on the professionals to respond and take immediate action. Using the latest in cleanup and restoration techniques, highly trained specialists and technicians, armed with advanced equipment, can eliminate the water in your home and fix the damage with efficiency and reliability.

Common Causes of Water Damage
Water damage can come in a range of causes, from mother nature herself to roof and pipe leakage. With qualifications in water damage response, cleanup, and restoration, technicians will respond to your emergency with our trained technicians, who will remove all water and commence with drying and sanitization. Some sources of water damage can come from:burst pipe

• A leaking roof

• A leaking dishwasher drain hose

• Burst pipes

• Flooded basement

• Leaking water heater

You can trust that the specialists and techs will see your emergency through from the assessment stage to the removal of water and drying processes. They run the gamut in professional water removal services, with the latest in technology that detects moisture and water in a structure. These tools aid the specialists with removing water and mitigating any future problems such as damage to the structure and mold growth.

The following services should be provided in response to water emergencies:

Water Removal and Sanitization

• 24/7 Emergency Services

• Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

Water Damage Restoration Technicians

• Applied Structural Drying Technicians

• Cleaning Services (e.g. debris, damage)

• Advanced Techniques and Equipment

Contact A Professional!

Water damage can leave your home unfit to live in if immediate action is not taken. Call a professional restoration company to respond to your water emergency as soon as possible.