Removing Graffiti From Illinois Buildings

By Frank Zubricki

Our company usually does private, commercial and home restoration, but we also have contracts to remove graffiti and restore vandalized property owned by the city or county. After the last round of protest marches, we had a lot to do with many of the events.

Recently, vandals began targeting city offices located along their route. Unlike some graffiti in area neighborhoods, there was no attempt at artwork. Actions were explicitly taken to cover windows and damage brick facing. After struggling to deal with it last year, city officials sent employees behind the protestors to call in the incidents as soon as they happened. This change in actions enabled my clean-up crews to start on the first building before the march was over.

Since the protestors were in a hurry to mark and move on, most of the damage was from spray paint. That made it easier for my specialists to clean as an aerosol paint is more straightforward to remove than one with a latex base. For the first few buildings, we arrived quickly enough to use spray guns and water to remove most of the paint from windows, doors, and brickwork.

The buildings we got to later and items made of wood required a cleaner to get the paint off. Our office maintains an inventory of detergents and other chemical agents designed to remove spray paint from glass, brick, metal, and plastics without causing further harm or removing the paint underneath. This last aspect is crucial for removing spray paint from street and traffic signs.

Some of the brickwork and wood doors needed more than a spray gun. By the time we got to the final few vandalized buildings, the paint had dried completely. For these last facilities, we brought out scrub brushes to agitate the detergents, forcing them into the paint, removing the last of it.

The same tools we use to clean up city facilities are also efficient at removing graffiti from your home or business. If you have been tagged recently and need assistance in removing it, call a licensed, professional restoration service.


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