Helping Businesses Recover From Commercial Fire Damage In Illinois

By Frank Zubricki

Few disasters come close to the destructiveness of fire. Businesses in Illinois can suffer a complete loss of inventory, as well as severe damage to the interior and exterior of the building. Because branding plays such an important role in customers’ recognition, business owners often discover that the restoration of the exterior helps bounce back after a fire just as much as the restoration of the interior.

Restoration companies that handle fire-damaged businesses understand the diverse aspects caused by fire. We realize that not only do our clients want their store or factory to once again function the same way as before, but also to look and feel like it once did.

Fires impart a nasty, oily but gritty, dark residue in smoke, leaving behind an acrid smell that affects not only how things smell, but how food tastes. Affecting restaurants the most, removing the smoke and soot particles ensures that odors do not remain a problem. This begins with cleaning and rinsing of all surfaces, particularly horizontal ones, to remove the residue of soot, smoke, and ash.

We use ozone and hydroxyl machines to remove the more stubborn particles clinging to the more porous furnishings, including carpets and upholstered seating. Tablecloths can also harbor smoke residue that refuses to wash out with routine laundering practices. Exposing these items to either ozone or hydroxyl forms molecular bonds between the gas and the soot particles, keeping customers from noticing unappealing odors.

Cutting away partially damaged walls and other durable materials save on replacement costs, so we perform this in a precise and orderly way. The neater we perform this stage of the work, the more easily later work can happen. Tearing out and replacing carpets costs significantly less when we replace only damaged areas and join them to undamaged sections. The same goes for other materials throughout a fire-damaged business.

Contacting restoration professionals who understand the unique needs of other businesses in our state can expedite the entire process of fire damage restoration, from start to finish, and have your business operating normally once again quickly.


To learn more about the city of Hyde Park click here.


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