It’s a Science to be a Cleanup & Restoration Crew in Chicago

Recovering from storm damage does not have to be a difficult thing when you put specialized equipment and expertly trained technicians to work restoring your home or commercial property. Immediate response and highly skilled storm damage cleanup and restoration professionals are only a phone call away.

chicago storm damage

Our offices in Chicago present you with a solution to any storm damage that your property may receive. Restoring the storm damage to your property is a priority for our technicians that we would love to assist you with repairing. Leave your storm damage restoration needs to the professionals and give us a call today.


Chicago technicians deal with storm damage events all of the time; we have handled plenty of events that can overwhelm most other companies. With expert training and quality equipment, it is possible to service any water damage that your property experiences, quickly restoring your property to a quality pre-storm condition.

Minimize the secondary damage that has a chance to cost far more than the initial event by obtaining the professional assistance you need now. Chicago water damage restoration technicians and applied structural drying technicians are eagerly waiting to assist you.

Water Damage Restoration Technicians – These specialists provide us with proper fiber identification and upholstery cleaning methods that are critical during the cleanup phase of our restoration process. Assisting us with preventing water losses, sewer backflows and contamination to various parts of your property.

Applied Structural Drying Technicians – Have the knowledge necessary to dry water damaged structures in an efficient and effective way, while using monitoring devices, extraction systems and the drying equipment needed to restore the storm damage to your property thoroughly.

Make sure you make the correct decision in deciding who to call for your storm damage restoration needs. We are ready to help and want to assist you in getting your property back to normal as quickly as possible.

The professionals at SERVPRO of Marquette Park – West Lawn – Ford City are waiting for your call. With easily accessed as a SERVPRO in Chicago ready for 24/7 Emergency Services, we are the right solution to any storm damage situation.


Storm Damage from Lightning

By Frank Zubricki

One of nature’s most dangerous events, a bolt of lightning can travel around 140,000 miles per hour and reach to temperatures as high as 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a temperature high enough to change sand into glass. An electric discharge between the atmosphere and an object on the earth, a lightning strike mainly originates inside a thundercloud and ends on the ground. There are four kinds of lightning damage which are physical damage, electromagnetic effect damage, secondary effect damage, and damage caused by changes in ground reference potential.

One strike of lightning can start a fire in a commercial property or home. Most lightning damage, however, happens from an electrical surge that can short out appliances, computers, phone systems or the electrical system of a building. Lightning does not need to hit a property directly to cause damage. A neighbor’s tree, for example, can get hit by lightning and fall on a home nearby, leaving it in an unlivable state. Getting a claim settled in this type of instance is particularly challenging.lightning

Once lightning has struck, a business or homeowner needs to make sure it is safe to enter, meaning there are no downed electrical lines or live wires. The extent of the damage to the property then needs to be figured out. Things such as can the property be repaired and has the lightning strike destroyed electronics and appliances are common questions. If the damage related to a lightning strike is extensive, a business might have to halt operation, or a home may be left uninhabitable. A professional company will need to address the structure and the interior electrical system, and help you to settle their claim in a manner that is timely.

There are some insurance companies which want to know which damage was caused by a lightning strike which caused a fire, and the damage which was from an overload of the electrical system. Sometimes the insurer needs to know exactly where the electrical surge happened since they will not pay a damage claim if the surge happened off the property. These companies also do not differentiate between a power surge and lightning strike, and could want the technician or electrician who tends to the property to let them know that the power surge came from a lightning strike specifically since surges could also be the result of faulty power lines or transformers. The business or homeowner and the technicians, therefore, have to be in agreement that the losses were from a strike of lightning. This should be put down in writing.

Storm damage due to lighting can be devastating. The best choice to repair your property is a professional restoration company. They have the training and certification to restore your property back to normal.