Helping Businesses Recover From Commercial Fire Damage In Illinois

By Frank Zubricki

Few disasters come close to the destructiveness of fire. Businesses in Illinois can suffer a complete loss of inventory, as well as severe damage to the interior and exterior of the building. Because branding plays such an important role in customers’ recognition, business owners often discover that the restoration of the exterior helps bounce back after a fire just as much as the restoration of the interior.

Restoration companies that handle fire-damaged businesses understand the diverse aspects caused by fire. We realize that not only do our clients want their store or factory to once again function the same way as before, but also to look and feel like it once did.

Fires impart a nasty, oily but gritty, dark residue in smoke, leaving behind an acrid smell that affects not only how things smell, but how food tastes. Affecting restaurants the most, removing the smoke and soot particles ensures that odors do not remain a problem. This begins with cleaning and rinsing of all surfaces, particularly horizontal ones, to remove the residue of soot, smoke, and ash.

We use ozone and hydroxyl machines to remove the more stubborn particles clinging to the more porous furnishings, including carpets and upholstered seating. Tablecloths can also harbor smoke residue that refuses to wash out with routine laundering practices. Exposing these items to either ozone or hydroxyl forms molecular bonds between the gas and the soot particles, keeping customers from noticing unappealing odors.

Cutting away partially damaged walls and other durable materials save on replacement costs, so we perform this in a precise and orderly way. The neater we perform this stage of the work, the more easily later work can happen. Tearing out and replacing carpets costs significantly less when we replace only damaged areas and join them to undamaged sections. The same goes for other materials throughout a fire-damaged business.

Contacting restoration professionals who understand the unique needs of other businesses in our state can expedite the entire process of fire damage restoration, from start to finish, and have your business operating normally once again quickly.


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Choosing A Smoke Damage Restoration Company In Illinois

By Frank Zubricki

Holidays are usually packed with fun activities and precious decorations. During Christmas, for instance, people decorate their houses with various items and adorn Christmas trees with lights and all sorts of gifts. Accidents are common in these situations.

If a Christmas tree catches on fire, it can cause extensive smoke damage. Having a fire damage restoration company at your fingertips can come in handy during this time. While many people have access to simple tools or DIY solutions, restoring smoke-damaged drapes, carpets, and upholstery is a difficult task. If you make an error, you may have to replace the item altogether.

Professionals who follow IICRC guidelines can do the job well, and produce desirable results. When it comes to carpet, drapes, and upholstery, the most important thing to remove is soot. As it is an oil-based substance, soot needs to be removed as soon as possible to prevent it from attracting additional dirt. Professional restorers can use the necessary methods to remove it from your fabrics and carpeting.

Smoke damage restoration companies also use specialty equipment to clean up the smoke. These tools include rotary scrubbers, wet cleaning tools, and extractors. The benefit of using extractors is that they have little to no detergent foam, allowing for unimpeded suction within the furniture and carpet. Attempting to undertake this task yourself can lead to several mistakes. These include failing to protect your carpet from the furniture, wetting the upholstery or carpet too much, and using excessive shampoo.

Hiring certified technicians can also pay off when resolving disputes with insurance adjusters. Most policies cover smoke damage, either under the partial losses section or as a specific line item. The quandary is that adjusters tend to recommend replacement over repair when dealing with drapes, carpets, and furnishings. A certified professional can provide proof that, through proper techniques and solutions, some of the items can be restored.

When looking for a fire damage restoration firm, you should ensure that not only is their training up to date, but they have formal documentation as well. The health and safety certificates of the technicians should also be in order, and they should possess vast experience in various restoration skills.

Smoke damage, whether minor or major, can cause significant loss of property. If it happens to you, contact a local trustworthy restoration company to clean up the structure and its contents. If you do not have one in mind, your neighbors can probably recommend a good restorer in Illinois.


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Why You Should Get Fire Damage Estimates

By Frank Zubricki

Why Homeowners Should Request Fire Damage Restoration Estimates
After a fire occurs in a home, requesting fire restoration damage estimates from professional cleanup teams with the correct equipment and cleansers is essential. However, the first person to call is your homeowner’s insurance agent to request a referral for a local fire restoration team with trained technicians. An emergency restoration company typically offers services round-the-clock and can provide potential customers a fast estimate based on the size of the home along with the amount of damage incurred. If an insurance company only covers a certain percentage of the repair costs, then getting several estimates is vital to understand how much you will need to pay for the services. 

How to Negotiate about Differences in Fire Restoration Estimates 
An important thing to remember is that repairs are required quickly to avoid secondary damage caused by moisture used to extinguish the fire. A great way to prove to an insurance company that specific repairs are needed is by taking photographs or videos to send to an insurance agent. After getting several written estimates from fire restoration companies, contact your insurance company to discuss the cost of repairs. With additional information from a professional restorer, an insurance agent may make adjustments in reimbursements. This discussion process is known as arbitration and is quite common with insurance companies, but in this case, a homeowner must work quickly through this process. 

After a fire occurs in a home, requesting fire restoration damage estimates from professional cleanup teams with the correct equipment and cleansers is essential.
After a fire occurs in a home, requesting fire restoration damage estimates from professional cleanup teams with the correct equipment and cleansers is essential.

Get a Detailed List of Restoration Tasks for Your Insurance Company
Most full-service restoration companies provide detailed free estimates after visiting a damaged home. The company should provide a written list of needed repairs along with a time line. Not only is this information helpful for a homeowner, it is another way to show documentation to an insurance company to receive the most reimbursement possible. The goal of restoration after a fire disaster is for the team to return the home to its previous condition rather than make improvements or remodel. The estimates a homeowner receives should include huge jobs such as removing charred drywall and small tasks such as clearing smoke odor from a home. 

Fire Damage Restoration is a Time-Consuming and Complex Process
The costs of specialized services such as shampooing or dry cleaning fibers to remove smoke odor from draperies, upholstered furniture or wall-to-wall carpeting also requires documentation to satisfy an insurance company. Fire restoration is a difficult process because it requires removing and replacing burnt structures along with cleaning soot and smoke from a building. Before the fire restoration team can begin these jobs, water left behind by firefighter’s hoses and fire sprinklers is suctioned from surfaces. Power is often off in the building, leading to needing powerful generators to operate air purifying systems and dehumidifiers. The moisture and burnt debris removed from a home are also considered hazardous materials that require specialized collection and disposable according to government guidelines. 

Contact Your Insurance Company
With a detailed written plan concerning the restoration services required, how much the services cost and how the professional team plans to perform the tasks, technicians are ready to begin the job. Fire damage restoration estimates helps a professional full-service restoration team to restore a home to its previous condition as efficiently as possible. You may feel traumatized after a fire occurs in your home, and worrying about money to make the repairs makes the situation worse. With an experienced team of fire restoration technicians, all aspects of the cleanup are taken care while a homeowner deals with other things. Contact a homeowner’s insurance company today to learn about hiring a fire restoration team